General terms

Article 1 – Membership

1.1. I declare my membership to MultiWin plan of my own accord and certifiy that I am 18 or over on the day of my registration.
1.2. I understand that membership in the club is free, however I have to meet certain conditions specified in the following articles to keep my membership.

Article 2 – General Provisions

2.1. I declare to be fully responsible for my donations and purchases across all MultiWin Plan tools (crowdfunding platform, shop, member space, etc.).
2.2. I accept the associated management fees (such as exchange rates, bank charges, etc) as part of these transactions and that I cannot claim any refund or compensation for these from MultiWin plan companies.
2.3. I declare and agree that any donation made to a crowdfunding campaign presented within Multiwin Plan is made of my own free will and that there is no possibility or right of refund, for the reasons set out in Article 3.
2.4. I agree to the rule of only being able to personally make a single donation to each campaign.
2.5. I am fully aware and agree that the only risk to which I expose myself is a donation to a crowdfunding campaign; a project to which I have made a donation does not guarantee the success of a product for reasons of various technical difficulties, other unforeseen circumstances or if a developed product does not satisfy the forecasted commercial success.
However, if a campaign is suspended or does not reach the minimum fundraising goal set, the project may not launch and my donation is returned to me without charge.

Article 3 – Donations Assignment

3.1. I am fully aware and accept that each of my donations helps finance the development of a product selected by MultiWin Plan.
3.2. I am free to support one or more projects of my choice conscientiously and accept that, as part of my membership in the MultiWin Plan club, I have to contribute to at least 3 campaigns per year. If I do not make at least 3 annual donations, I can be stripped of my membership to MultiWin Plan, all while keeping the rewards and contractual commitments related to my previous project contributions.

Article 4 – Campaign Compensation

4.1. I acknowledge and agree that MultiWin Plan rewards members (donors themselves) for campaigns in which they have sponsored other donor members on the same campaign – the amount of these awards being previously defined for each campaign.
4.2. MultiWin Plan reserves the right to send the rewards defined under each campaign within a period of two months following the end of each campaign.

Article 5 – Sales Rewards

5.1. I understand that MultiWin Plan negotiates with each project owner to determine the terms and types of rewards for my contributions based on sales of products developed through my donation and that of other MultiWin Plan members.
5.2. I recognize that I will not be involved in the negotiations between MultiWin Plan and the project leader about the rewards for donations.
5.3. I acknowledge that I must read and sign a contract with the project owner or the company he commissioned for this purpose in order to receive rewards for donations.
5.4. I agree that this contract is only valid if I purchase the product  that I helped develop, or another substitute product if the product I helped develop is priced too high – that is to say above 250 € or $ 299.
5.5 I accept that if I do not make the purchase as defined in Article 4.7, the contract is not valid and I have no right to rewards related to product sales.
5.6. I acknowledge that the rewards are linked to sales in the geographic area defined by the campaign; therefore, rewards for my donations may differ according to the country, the project itself, the contract and the defined geographical area for each campaign.

Article 6 – Right of use of names, trademarks, ethics.

6.1. I acknowledge and accept that by joining MultiWin Plan, I will adhere to the concept, ethics and the spirit of the club.
6.2. I acknowledge that by usurping or hijacking the identity of MultiWin Plan or any project company using names, acronyms related to the identity MultiWin plan, or any project company using the partial MultiWin Plan name, abbreviated or in a longer form without authorization of MultiWin Plan, the legal entity owner or the project carrier company, I expose myself to prosecution.
6.3. I am aware and agree that I must seek authorization from MultiWin Plan or the project owner for any use of the company name or brand.
6.4. I agree to not disclose confidential information, which may be harmful (defamation, bad publicity etc.) to MultiWin Plan or project owners.

Article 7 – Responsibilities

7.1. I acknowledge that neither MultiWin Plan nor the project carrier company will be liable in the case of a decision by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) following a case of force majeure or exceptional situations.
7.2. I acknowledge that neither MultiWin Plan nor the project carrier company is liable for my legal and tax situation vis-à-vis the authorities of my country of residence.
7.3. I acknowledge that neither MultiWin Plan nor the project company carrier is liable for my commitments, my statements or my wrongdoing against third parties (misrepresentation, distortion of conditions and contracts, etc.).

Article 8 – Unsubscribe

8.1. If I wish to unsubscribe from MultiWin Plan, I accept and agree not to request a refund of my donations.
8.2. I acknowledge that when I unsubscribe, I have the right to transfer my donations to another member, provided that they have not made the same donation previously.
8.3. I am aware that the beneficiary member can receive rewards for bringing new donor members on the campaign.
8.4. I am aware the beneficiary member must sign a new contract with the project owner to be rewarded after my bequeathed donations.
8.5. I agree to respect all points of Article 5, even after I unsubscribe.
8.6. I am aware that in case of death, any action will be possible only upon presentation of a death certificate.
8.6.1 I recognize that in the presence of a will, the account will be left only to the direct beneficiary provided that they did not subscribe to the same campaign. If beneficiaries have all made donations, royalties will be redistributed until expiration of the contract between the deceased and the project leader.
8.6.2 In the absence of a will, I have a choice to receive, either by myself or with other members, the royalties of the deceased until expiration of the contract signed between the deceased and the wearer.

Article 9: Cancellation

9.1. I acknowledge that the breach of these terms leads to final removal from the MultiWin Plan club, the loss of the rewards of my donations, namely the restitution of rewards possibly already received, and the cancellation of any signed contracts and related rights.