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In both cases, you will gain rewards.


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Membership in MultiWin Plan means being part of a dynamic community 
made up
of international crowdfunders who are willing to contribute to innovative projects
and receive rewards from the project owner.

Support your favorite technology

Support startups. Take an active role in ideas that inspire you – help make this idea a reality.

Participate in project selection

Your opinion could make a difference in future project selection.

Develop your downline network

Generate a downline with more people who are interested in technological innovations.

Attend MultiWin Plan's conventions

Meet other members, exchange ideas and share your experience.

Gain rewards and bonuses

Earn rewards from the project owner. Win bonuses from MultiWin Plan if you build a downline.

Get access to the Club Center

Take advantage of our complete toolkit in your Club Center.

Exclusive member offers

Receive members-only discounts on the final product that you supported.

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Receive professional tips and suggestions to make your investment more successful.

members' rules

To fully enjoy your experience in MultiWin Plan, there are some basic rules to follow
  • You’re expected to act in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • Adhere to the company’s vision.
  • Understand that each subscription is a risk.
  • Respect your sponsor and/or your referral(s).
  • Be honest to your network.
  • Be open minded.