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Where do I find referrals?

To develop your MultiWin Plan network, you have to start with the first MLM step: find out who your referrals might be. So who are they? Where do I find them? How do I contact them? In MLM, you will, without a doubt, find your referrals in two main markets. However, at MultiWin Plan, we think that these markets should be [...]

MLM: 10 tips to start on the right track

In the previous post MultiWin Plan: When crowdfunding meets MLM (a must read), we approached MLM and its role in our members’ income. A few reminders for newcomers who may not have read the previous post: With MultiWin Plan, we give our members the opportunity to significantly increase their income network building: this is MLM. However, building a strong network is [...]

MultiWin Plan: When crowdfunding meets MLM

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds thanks to a large number of people who invest a small amount of money. Together, they allow companies, associations and artists to fund big projects. « When people work together, mountains turn into gold » Chinese proverb These contributions are seen as an investment, a way of saving or helping project leaders and can sometimes lead to [...]