Where do I find referrals?

Where do I find referrals?

To develop your MultiWin Plan network, you have to start with the first MLM step: find out who your referrals might be.

So who are they? Where do I find them? How do I contact them?

In MLM, you will, without a doubt, find your referrals in two main markets. However, at MultiWin Plan, we think that these markets should be divided into 3 distinct parts:

  • Warm market
  • Cold market
  • Internet market (suggestion: Online market)

Approaching these 3 markets step by step in a different manner is important to efficiently recruit referrals.

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1 – Warm market

The Warm market is your first target.


It is the easiest to identify and to approach.

It includes everyone you personally know at different levels:

  • Your family
  • Your friends
  • Your colleagues

To approach this market, you have to start by setting out a list of ALL these people. Why ALL these people?

The most common error in MLM is misjudging people around us, thinking that they are not interested…while they are! So maximize your chances. A “no” is better than never asking at all.

Your first mission is to set up your warm market list including names, contact information, and differentiating between the 3 levels (family, friends, colleagues).

Your second mission is, as you can imagine, to contact them. EASY! You know them and already have a relationship built on trust.

You can call them to discuss further, or even organize a face to face meeting which will have a more persuasive impact.

Conversation starters that work every time.

« By the way, I am starting a crowdfunding and MLM business. I support innovative projects and get paid for it too! If someone you know might be interested in this opportunity, tell me!”

There are 3 possible answers:

  1. “Yes, I am, tell me all about it!”
  2. “Yes, here are some contacts.”
  3. “Right now, I don’t think so, but I will tell others about it!”

In any case, you win, so don’t hesitate to contact your entire list!

The Warm market is easy, but be careful not to burn yourself…

Do not damage your relationships. Don’t push more than you would with someone you don’t know just because they are your friend.

Read between the lines. You know your audience; you surely know his « no thanks » look. Keep this in mind – they might not want to disappoint you by definitively saying that they are not interested.

Know how to detach yourself. They’re interested? Great, you can go further. They do not want to listen to your experience? It is fine, move on to something else.

Your warm list may be the easiest to set up but it has its limits. Once you have talked to your entire warm list, move on to your next target audience!


2 – Cold market

Once the list has been exhausted and some referrals have been added to your network, don’t stop: approach the cold market!

Outside your family, your friends, and your colleagues, the Cold market is composed of the rest of the world: strangers!

YES, you are going to introduce MultiWin Plan to perfect strangers, and they will be your second source of referrals!


The first and perfect scenario is that people come to you because they are interested in the opportunity. To do that, they have to hear about MultiWin Plan!

There are different ways to attract potential referrals:

– Press, TV, radio advertising
– Flyer distribution
– Word of mouth (This is why you should share your experience, as mentioned the previous post)
– Exhibition stands
– Meetings and conferences

Using the internet to promote MultiWin Plan is also effective (this will be discussed later in the third part of this post).

You are free to choose how to attract people depending on your personality and your skills.

In the second scenario, you will have to work harder and go looking for your future referrals.

Every person you meet is an opportunity. At the supermarket? At the gym? At your daughter’s school party? At the beach? At your best friend’s birthday? Whatever, go for it!

In both cases, whether your potential referrals come to you or you go looking for them, there is no script to follow. At MultiWin Plan, we encourage you to use whichever methods are best for you.

Here are a few tips to put you on the right path:

  • Be interested, ask questions
  • Listen to them (their objectives, their needs, their issues)
  • Guide them
  • Share your MultiWin Plan experience in your own words
  • Speak a comprehensive language
  • Be honest and do not overstate
  • Introduce MultiWin Plan as a solution
  • Get their business card in order to follow up on the conversation later

Of course, if your audience is not receptive to your pitch, do not insist or force the issue.

We cannot say that one method is more effective than another, it all depends on your way of thinking and doing.

Keep in mind that your goal is not to push MultiWin Plan on anyone, but to help others find a solution to their issues and build a relationship of trust.


3 – Internet market

Recruiting referrals in this third market may seem complicated for those who do not know anything about computers but with a bit of practice, you’ll be an expert in no time!

The Internet is an unrivalled way to promote MultiWin Plan to an unlimited number of people, both quantitatively and geographically.

There are infinite ways to find referrals online and some of them are free and easy to use:

  • Social networks allow you to contact and interact with people who share hobbies or live in the same area.
  • A website is a good way to explain MultiWin Plan in more detail.
  • Blogging may require some writing skills but builds a particular bond with your audience through advice, tips and anecdotes.
  • Online video chatsenable you to talk about MultiWin Plan as if you were face to face with your prospective referral.
  • Forums and interest groups where you can meet and discuss with people looking for new financial opportunities.

The advantage of the internet is that everything is easily shareable and quickly gain popularity all across the world.

There is another efficient, albeit costly way to attract potential referrals: online advertising. Easily customizable, it reaches a specific audience depending on its content, relevance and where it is placed.

You are now ready to start building your network. Choose the method you feel most comfortable with.


Be yourself!


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